Ceilings Cleaned & Sanitized or Replaced

The Process
Using our 50 psi spray system, we apply a cleaning solution to your tiles while they are in place.  This peroxide based enzyme cleaner, made by Green Diversified Systems, acts to break down dirt, molecules on contact.

Once applied, the solution works by emulsifying various contaminates on the surface and inside the pores of the ceiling.  On porous ceiling tiles, the contaminates are broken down and dissolved.  on non-porous surfaces like walls and vinyl tile, the dirt is also broken down and easily wiped off using extension poles with attachments.  The process is great for:

  • ​Cleaning traditional drop ceiling tiles and acoustical ceilings.
  • Suspended ceilings and popcorn ceilings.
  • Tectum tiles, glacier tile and vinyl tile.
  • Fire and smoke damaged ceiling tiles.
  • Cleaning most painted surfaces.
  • Surfaces requireing grease stain removal and wall cleaning.